Don’t Compromise Your Principles for Beauty

At Keshima, we don’t believe that you have to harm the planet or animals in order to create the perfect beauty tools. And with that in mind, we’ve made the commitment to create a beauty brand that only offers cruelty-free makeup brushes.

Whether you’re applying foundation, achieving the perfect cut crease, applying contour and highlight, or expertly shaping your brows, you can use Keshima’s brushes with confidence, knowing that our brushes are made from the finest synthetic bristles.

More importantly, our brushes are also vegan-friendly for true peace of mind. Keshima stands behind the quality of our brushes because we use a seven-step method that guarantees our high quality brushes won’t shed even when you wash them. Our makeup brushes are crafted for durability and provide quality results whether this is your first time applying makeup or you’re an experienced pro.

No matter which brush you pick — our colorful neon collection of Kabuki foundation brushes or our brush sets — we stand behind the premium construction and longevity of every brush on our site. At Keshima, we believe that creating a quality product at a respectable price means that achieving the perfect beauty results is an accessible goal for every makeup lover.

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