Premium Duo Fiber Stipple Brush

Premium Duo Fiber Stipple Brush

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The Perfect Addition to Anyone’s Makeup Brush Collection!

Have You Ever Wondered Why Your Makeup Application Doesn’t Look Quite Right?

Are you having trouble getting an even and streak-free makeup application?

Apply Foundations, Concealers, Blushes, and Highlighters Perfectly

The Keshima Stippling Brush’s duo-fiber design allows the brush to pick up and hold the product in the base bristles – while the top, feathery bristles give you a smooth, flawless finish.

The Keshima Duo Fiber Brush will blend your foundation to the most amazing, near-airbrush finish.

Keshima™ Duo Fiber Stippling Brushes

‣ Are made from premium quality synthetic fibers

‣ Are subject to rigorous quality control standards

‣ Undergo a 7 step process to prevent shedding

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Aubrey M
Better than the high end brushes!

I was looking to try some good brushes. I purchased this & other’s from this brand. I’m pretty impressed. The makeup goes on well & is easy to clean, use, etc!

Very Good Quality

This held up well after washing and is soo soft. I like using this for cream and/or gel blush. Also, I think this would be good for any cream makeup product. I'm actually considering ordering another for bronzer and highlight! Good job Keshima!

robert s.
Great brush

These brushes are great , and so inexpensive for the quality, hope they start making a brush collection for the entire face

Donna Q.
Blush brush

This is great to control blush. The feathered tip puts just the right amount of blush on brush.

New favorite foundation brush

Really surprised by how much I like this. It makes my makeup look so smooth and natural. So I got this so I can apply my cream foundation over my sunscreen and I wanted something that would help blend my foundation seamlessly without looking cakey and heavy and most important that wouldn’t move my sunscreen around underneath when I applied. I dot my face with the foundation and then with the brush stipple and blend the makeup all over. Looks super natural and like my real skin but better. Will order again for sure.