Elevate Your Makeup Skills with These Graphic Liner Techniques

Graphic liner is one of the hottest new trends in minimalist makeup, creating stylized ways to wear liner eyeliner without having to do a full eye look if you prefer not to. Many of them are a modern update of staple liner styles like the classic, wing, and cat-eye. So, the next time you want to create a bold eye look, but don’t want to go through the whole effort of something as complex as a cut crease, try one of these popular graphic liner styles. 

4 Graphic Liner Looks Everyone Should Know

Makeup is meant to be fun so there’s no reason to be intimidated by it. Remember, you can always start over if you make a mistake. While there are no rules, a good guide is to never tackle a new makeup technique when you’re short on time. 

Floating Liner

woman with a floating eye liner

Floating liner is a fun beginner option for graphic liner styles because while it does require a steady hand, there are a few hacks you can use to create this look. Essentially, a floating liner is a liner anywhere above your upper lash line. Usually, this is going to be above the natural crease of your eye — but in theory, you can place it anywhere. And it works well by itself, not needing eyeshadow to play up its dramatic look. 

Start on clean lids and apply primer to the entire lid. Using your liner of choice trace an arched line above your crease that mimics the natural curve of your upper lash line. If you make a mistake just dip a liner brush in micellar water to erase them. 

If you don’t have the steadiest hands to freestyle a floating line, you can mimic it with a lash curler. The curved top edge on lash curler clamps mimics your lash line’s natural curve. Start by coating the lash curler edge with liner. Holding the curler horizontally so that it’s parallel with your eye (you’re staring at the coated edge) gently stamp the edge onto your lid slightly above your crease. Make sure you keep a steady hand to prevent liner smears when you pull the curler away. 

The Stamp Liner

woman with stamp eye liner

If you’re looking for a fast way to jazz up your liner technique, the stamp liner is a no-fuss option that’s super quick. You can use eyeliner stamps or even the precision tip of your go-to felt-tip liner. Eyeliner stamps are available in a range of shapes including hearts, circles, flowers, and more. Simply stamp the eyeliner where you prefer and you’re out the door!

The Cleopatra

woman with a Cleopatra eye liner

There’s no denying that the Cleopatra is a bold eye look but even this can be adjusted if you prefer something a bit more subdued. The nice thing is that the Cleopatra is essentially a winged liner that connects with a floating line. And once you realize that, it becomes much easier to achieve. 

Start by drawing a winged liner on your upper lash line. Next, draw your floating liner above your crease. This time, rather than leaving the floating liner disconnected, you’re going to continue with the outer corner, connecting it to the wing. 

For a very bold look, exaggerate the floating line thickness or extend the upper portion for a bolder wing look. Continue by partially lining the lower lid, focusing on a thicker line. For added drama, apply a shadow.

The Double Wing

woman with a double wing eye liner

For a simple yet stunning graphic liner, try the double wing look. Begin with a winged line on your upper lash line. Next, line your lower lid but stay close to your lower lash line. At the outer corner, create a lower flick to match your upper wing.

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