Get Holiday Glam with Ease

The holidays are in full swing and for December that means major events are often back to back. As the year winds down, both Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the grand finale for the holiday season. Many people will be attending multiple get-togethers to share fun memories with friends and family, as well as ring in the new year. And that leaves you wondering how to plan your holiday looks.

Picking the Right Look

The first factor you need to consider is whether you’re attending a more formal affair or something casual. While you can rock a glam effect for a casual get-together, when paired with more laid-back clothing, it might throw off your overall look. Meanwhile, a more formal outfit can easily be paired with both glam and fresh-faced makeup styles. 

Glam for the New Year

Traditionally, most people prefer to get dressed up for New Year’s Eve celebrations — even if they’re just attending an at-home function. This means that you can opt for more eye-catching makeup styles such as cut creases and smoky eyes. Or, you can even incorporate accents such as body-safe crystal stickers to create an alluring effect. 

Styles to Try

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the styles you can achieve with makeup. But if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, consider some of these suggestions below: 

A 1920s Inspired Flapper Vintage Glam

If there’s one thing that the 1920s taught us in terms of makeup, it was that there’s nothing that beats a good tube of mascara — or a vampy lip. To nail a modern interpretation of the iconic Flapper look you’ll want to either invest in a buildable mascara or take a shortcut with a good fluffy false lash. 

You can pair those bold lashes with a traditional black smoky eye or keep the eye clean with black liner. Skip wings or cat eyes as those aren’t true to the flapper look. To seal the deal, pick a dark lip — either matte or gloss. For a true vampy style, pick a dark lip such as oxblood or deep burgundy, the darker the better!

A Glossed Eye

If you want something more modern, consider jumping on the glossy eye trend. This look can easily be achieved with either wet, cream, or dry eye shadow. If you’re using dry or cream shadow, you’ll also want to add an eye gloss to your makeup kit. 

Begin by applying your shadow where you want it — remember to focus on placing color first if you don’t have an all-in-one color eye gloss. When adding the eye gloss, start small on the center of your lids and work outward. If you apply too much, you might experience excess creasing or cause the color pigment to slide. Top with a bold liner and mascara or lashes for a complete look. 

A Classic Wing

You can’t go wrong with a winged liner look. For a 1950s effect, pair a classic cat eye with a neutral shadow and a bold red lip. Alternatively, you can create more drama by turning that cat-eye into an exaggerated wing. Pair it with a bold eyeshadow or wear it solo so that your liner is the main event of your makeup look. 

A Bit of Glitter

Some people have strong feelings about glitter, but we think a little glitter can’t be bad. And for a New Year’s look where you’re celebrating what the future holds, glitter is a must-have. For this look, you can opt for a shimmery eye shadow or highlight, or you can opt for true glitter. 

Note that if you’re using body-safe glitter (whether pressed or loose), you’ll want to invest in a good glitter glue so that the glitter stays where you want it rather than falling on your cheeks or flaking off with wear. Consider rocking a full eye of glitter or use it as an accent for liner. However, avoid applying glitter on your waterline as glitter can be irritating if it gets in your eyes. 

The Perfect Holiday Look

Whether you prefer a classic, understated look or you want a “look at me” effect, the right holiday makeup is out there for you. For best results, be sure that you’re using quality beauty tools that help precisely apply your makeup. And be sure to start with proper skin prep so that your makeup looks perfect all night!

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