Is Your Makeup Ready for the Holidays?

Thanksgiving marks the official start of the winter holiday season in the U.S., and that means that you’ll be attending plenty of parties, get-togethers, and random events all intended to bring you closer to your fellow man. While the holidays can be fun, we can all agree that this month-and-a-half-long season can be something of a marathon. Between a full calendar, racing around to prep your home for visitors, and gift-giving, it can feel a little overwhelming. 

But your makeup look for your upcoming holiday fetes shouldn’t be a cause for stress. If you haven’t given much thought to your makeup look, consider some of these classic stand-bys that can get you through the season and into 2023 without too much stress. 

Your Face But Better

Whether you’re short on time or you simply want to play it safe because Aunt Harriet kept pestering you about your eyeliner last year, a natural fresh-faced look is always a great option. Even though you can still play up your features, you’re working with a lighter hand, ensuring that your real features are still showing through. 

Still, you can have fun with eyeliner colors, and neutral-hued eyeshadow for a wash of color. And if you want to subtly up the ante, consider incorporating some of the trends that have been having a moment like sunburnt blush, or a lowkey graphic liner look. 

The main goal with this look is to avoid overdoing it. So, swap out heavy foundation and contour for a tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation. And keep it flawless with our Stippling brush. Likewise, stick to a wash of color for blush with hues like soft pink or coral. Complete the look with a swipe of mascara or a low-key lash style. 

Stippling brush being used by a woman to achieve an airbrush finish

Turn Heads with a Smoked Look

If holiday parties are your opportunity to bring the drama, you’ll appreciate the smokey eye. This timeless look can be adjusted depending on how bold you want to be. But it looks great whether you’re dressed up or going to a casual affair. 

The key to a perfect smokey eye is having the right brushes, like our Professional Eye Brushes Set. If you think that a classic black smokey eye is too intense, you can always switch it up with brown, or even opt for a pop of color like a rich eggplant purple, olive green, or sapphire blue. To nail this look, you’ll want to smudge your lower lash line with that same bold color, and be sure to use a good blending brush to avoid any harsh lines. 

Eyeshadow brush from Keshima Eye brushes Set is being used to apply eyeshadow

Get Creative

If you’ve got the time, then you can have fun by opting for a fall or winter-inspired festive look. Create miniature fall-colored leaves on your lids, or make snowflakes and holiday decorations for a wintery look. While this option takes significantly more effort, we’re confident that everyone will be talking about your makeup, which might even make you a viral sensation on social media. Again, you’ll need precision tools when creating artistic looks like this.

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