Look Spooky Good with Keshima

Halloween is literally around the corner which means it’s time to finalize your Halloween look. Whether you’re going as a sexy French maid or a hair-raising specter, there are plenty of ways to nail your makeup routine so that it complements your disguise. 

Consider Your Makeup Style

One quick browse through Instagram or Tik Tok will prove that the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can create with makeup. But think about the type of costume you plan on wearing. Then consider what makeup style would be best to go with it, and your comfort level with makeup. 

For example, the tried and true “sexy [insert character here]” costumes don’t require a lot of effort in terms of makeup. Often you can go for your everyday style or opt for a slightly glam interpretation. By contrast, some styles such as reinventing yourself as a character from the movie Avatar is going to require a lot more effort. 

Check Your Makeup Stash

In general, makeup is a fairly versatile medium that can often be used in more ways than one. But, there’s a caveat. Sometimes if you’re trying to create a full face of color, such as shifting from your natural skin tone to blue, green, or even pale white, you’re going to need something more serious for the task. 

If you’re trying to paint your entire face, you’ll want to invest in face paint or special effects makeup which is specifically designed for this task. Often it offers better opacity and coverage so that your makeup doesn’t look streaky. Keep in mind that face paint tends to be heavier. Also, note that you want to pick a face painting kit that’s non-toxic and hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of experiencing an allergic reaction or skin irritation. 

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re simply recreating an everyday makeup look but maybe being a little heavier on the eyes or foundation, you might not need to practice your Halloween makeup. But if you’re going for a full-on transformation — and this is your first time trying that look — it’s best to do a few practice runs rather than waiting until Halloween. 

This will let you know whether you have the right tools, how long the application process will take, and (even more importantly) the removal process. Especially for full face transformations, you may find that your standard beauty wipes or makeup remover aren’t sufficient. So, you’ll want to invest in a more serious remover like a balm or oil. 

Make Foundation Your Primer

You don’t want to go in on clean skin with face paint. You want to apply something that the paint will stick to properly and your regular foundation can do that. If you’re going to be using light-colored face paint, consider using a foundation that’s a few shades lighter than your real skin tone to create a better color payoff once the paint is applied. 

Trace Before You Apply

Especially with full-face Halloween makeup, this isn’t the time to try to free-hand and freestyle your application. Use an eye or lip liner pencil to trace where you plan to apply strategic color first. This gives you the chance to correct any errors before you start adding the real color. 

Add Dimension with Regular Eye Shadow

Face paints are great at coverage, but they’re usually much thicker and not designed for creating subtle changes. After you’ve applied the face paint where you want it, consider using eyeshadow to create more depth and dimension. For this step, you can use your Keshima Professional Eye Brushes Set to place color with precision and blend as needed. 

For Gore, Invest in Special Effects Makeup

If you’re going for a scream queen look, you’re going to need makeup that’s intended for scars, blood, and more. Special effects makeup is the best option for this as there are countless tutorials online that offer step-by-step directions for creating the right textures to mimic scars, wounds, and yes to make blood too. 

Don’t Forget a Good Makeup Remover

Wrap up your Halloween makeup by thoroughly taking it off after the festivities are over. Remember that face paint and special effects makeup is usually significantly heavier, so quick fixes like wipes and basic makeup remover solutions might not be up to the job.

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