Prepping Your Base for Success

A lot of people think that the key to a fantastic makeup look is having the best, most expensive products, and premium beauty tools. But the reality is, that’s not true. Before you begin to apply even a layer of primer, there’s something far more important that will impact how your makeup goals look, and whether they enhance or detract from your overall look — skincare. 

Often ignored, proper skin care is one of the key determiners for how your overall makeup will look once you step away from the mirror. For sure, there are makeup products designed to cover, improve, and filter. But ultimately, a sound skincare routine will do far more to improve your makeup outcomes than a miracle product. 

So what exactly is a good skincare routine, and what aspects — if any — should you be incorporating to ensure that your makeup looks flawless every time?

Cleansing Matters

One of the biggest makeup fails people do is failing to remove makeup before going to bed. Along with the fact that doing this will ruin your sheets and pillowcases, not taking makeup off can clog your pores and encourage breakouts and more skin woes. Even if you don’t have a multi-step skincare routine that would make K-beauty adherents jealous, make sure you at least use a makeup-removing cloth to thoroughly remove makeup before you settle down for the night. 

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, and then Exfoliate!

Exfoliation is a key part of a good skincare routine because even if you wash your face twice daily, naturally occurring cell turnover means that you’re going to have dead skin cells sitting on your face. And for makeup, this can translate to flaky, dry patches. 

Exfoliation doesn’t have to be a painful experience where you scrub at your skin. Instead, opt for gentle exfoliators like peels that don’t sting, or toners that contain glycolic acid that help to gently lift dead skin and reveal a fresh, glowing complexion. 

Moisturize for Best Results

Dry, parched skin won’t wear makeup well — that’s just a fact of life. In contrast, hydrated skin will wear makeup better. However, the moisturizer you choose is going to matter. A heavy-duty moisturizer might be ideal for overnight use to deeply infuse moisture but wouldn’t work for a pre-makeup prep step because it’ll be too thick and cause makeup to slide. 

Opt for a moisturizer that hydrates but isn’t so heavy that your skin struggles to absorb all of it even five minutes after applied. Additionally, options like hydrating setting sprays can add a bit of moisture after you’ve finished applying makeup without causing unexpected reactions like oiliness, shine, or for the makeup to break down. 

Skincare is Makeup Love

A good palette is the base for a killer makeup routine. While it’s important to have good makeup tools like professional makeup brushes that don’t waste product, prioritizing skin care is essential if your goal is a flawless makeup routine that leaves people wondering whether your makeup pictures are touched up or hashtag #nofilter.

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