Resolve to Improve your Beauty Routine in 2021!

With 2021 firmly in the history books, it’s time for everyone to look to the year ahead. And that got us thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, and how they can apply to the beauty world. Are there trends you tried in 2020 that you want to continue incorporating this year? Or maybe you want to enhance your makeup techniques or prioritize other beauty routines. So, let’s take a look at a few New Year’s Beauty Resolutions that every makeup maven should add to their to-do list. 

Resolve to focus on skincare

No matter how great your makeup is, your final makeup look is only as good as the canvas you use. Your canvas in this scenario is your skin. So, make it a point to prioritize proper skincare routines. Don’t sleep in your makeup, indulge in self-care with an exfoliation and mask sesh once a week, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 

Toss old makeup

Just like food, all makeup has an expiration date. While dates can vary, beauty experts and dermatologists agree that using makeup well past the expiration date is a recipe for skin disasters. Especially with eye makeup, old makeup can lead to breakouts, infections, and all manner of problems. Make it a habit to go through your makeup every six months and toss anything that’s expired. 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Practice makes perfect and at the end of the day, even if you don’t necessarily nail a makeup look, there’s no harm in playing with color or a new technique. You can only go up from here so don’t be afraid to try something new, stumble, try again, and nail it in the end. 

Hold the snark

The beauty world is an interesting place. But the anonymity that comes with being behind a screen gives some people false courage when it comes to the comment section. Not everything requires a comment, especially if you don’t like what you see on a makeup guru or unsuspecting individual’s social media account. Keep it scrolling. 

Resolve to wash your brushes frequently

Just like you shouldn’t use expired makeup, applying beauty products with dirty brushes is a great way to encourage breakouts and infections. Even if you have a large brush collection, make it a point to at a minimum wash your brushes every week. And since Keshima’s brushes are designed with a seven-point quality control review, you don’t have to worry that frequent cleansing will damage them. 

Tell us what’s on your New Year’s Beauty Resolution list and how you plan to make 2021 more beautiful than last year!

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