Summer Makeup Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

We’re heading into the dog days of summer. If it’s not already blazing hot wherever you are, you know that high temperatures and intense humidity are on their way. It’s about to be that time of year when your hair sticks to your neck, sweat rolls mercilessly down your face and body, and the idea of wearing a full face of heavy makeup — even if you’re just sprinting outside from your home to your car to your office and back — is the last thing you want to do. 
Even if you’re a die-hard believer in leaving the house with a full face, there’s no reason to suffer through a heavy look that doesn’t let your skin breathe and is not hot weather approved. So, when the weather turns blistering hot, it’s time to adjust your makeup routine. Consider incorporating this summer makeup hacks so that you can still rock a face if you want to but without the hassle. 


Switch to a Lighter Foundation

Depending on how you feel about foundation and how much you actually need it, you could probably skip foundation entirely. But if you have skin concerns that are camouflaged by foundation, then consider swapping out that full coverage foundation for a lighter option. Look for sheerer finishes like a tinted moisturizer. 
Alternatively, if you’re not interested in buying a new foundation, you can always turn a medium or full coverage foundation sheer by simply applying it with a damp beauty tool like our Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush.


Opt for Lip Tints over Liquids and Traditional Lipsticks

Just like with foundation, you might not be in the mood to rock a thicker, more opaque lip color. Swap out your regular lipsticks or liquid lips for a lighter lip tint or balm. You’ll get a wash of color rather than an opaque finish — but it’s lighter and more hydrating. Better still, many lip tints can double as cheek or eye tints too, making them a faster way to get out the door and declutter your makeup vanity. 

Switch to Waterproof Makeup

People usually have very strong feelings about waterproof makeup. However, they come in handy on hot, sweaty days where your makeup is likely to run. While you’ll need to pick an appropriate makeup remover to wash off the day, a good waterproof liner or mascara will keep you from the dreaded raccoon look. 


Swap Out Heavy Moisturizers for Lighter Versions

Believe it or not, piling on too many products that promise to give you a glow can ultimately make you look like you just came out of a sauna. So that means you look more like a sweaty mess rather than someone with a gentle summer glow. So, start with a lighter moisturizer. Unless you have severely dry skin, you can probably get away with using a lighter moisturizer. And also be mindful of your glow-promising primers and serums. Remember, the more product you layer on, the shinier you’ll be. 


Consider a Liquid Eyeshadow

It might seem counterintuitive to pick a liquid product when you’re trying to combat sweat. But powder products and sweat usually aren’t a winning combination. Whereas powder has a habit of shifting and encouraging creasing. Liquid eyeshadow dries to a matte finish once applied. More importantly, once it’s on your lids, it’s not going anywhere. 


Cold Therapy Before Your Makeup Applications

It’s not unusual to experience heat-related swelling — but that can also happen on your face. Counteract this frustrating experience by engaging in a little cold therapy before applying your makeup. Whether you use ice globes, ice rollers, or simply put your under-eye gel masks in the fridge before applying them, these can all help to depuff for a flawless finish. 


Use Hairspray to Set Your Brows

We know, this sounds like a weird hack — but hear us out! Your brows are hair, just like the hair on your head. After shaping and filling your brows, spritz a clean spoolie (like the one found on our Duo Eyebrow Brush) with your preferred hairspray. Then run that spoolie through your brows to lock them in place.
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