Why Stippling Brushes are Essential for Your Makeup Kit

If you’ve ever wanted that flawless airbrush-like finish to your makeup — especially your foundation — but struggled to achieve that goal, then a stippling brush is your best friend. This classic large face brush is a must-have for anyone who wants to achieve the perfect makeup look without harsh lines or poorly blended areas on their face.

The Keshima stippling brush is the perfect solution. The large brush head made from synthetic fibers is specifically designed to be used with foundations, highlighters, concealers, blushes, and setting powders. Stippling brushes are known for containing two types of fibers, which are easy to see with the white and dark fibers. The white fibers help to quickly apply the product of your choice to your skin while the darker fibers help to expertly blend that product into your skin for an airbrushed effect.

Whereas many stippling brushes contain a mix of synthetic and natural fibers, the Keshima stippling brush is made from 100 percent synthetic fibers. That means it’s a great choice for people who are vegan or committed to making cruelty-free beauty choices. Stippling brushes are especially ideal for people who want to mask blemishes. Because of their dual application method, this brush is perfect for working concealer over areas so that it blends in with your skin and the other makeup products on your face.

And you’ll appreciate that the Keshima stippling brush is produced using a seven-stop process that helps to prevent premature shedding even with frequent washing. Best of all, Keshima’s brushes are designed to be affordable so that premium beauty applications are accessible for all beauty lovers whether they’re novices, makeup enthusiasts, or professionals.

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