Professional Eye Brushes Set: The Only Tutorial You’ll Ever Need

You ordered our Professional Eye Brushes Set, it’s finally arrived and now you’re ready to pop open the container and start playing with them. But if you’re just starting on your makeup journey, you might be wondering what to do with some of those brushes. Whether you’ve never used a bent eyeliner brush or aren’t sure why anyone would need a smudge brush, we’re here to help! 

Consider this the ultimate tutorial for every brush in the Professional Eye Brushes Set. And even if you don’t use every brush right away, knowing what to do with them can give you the confidence you need to try more complex eye looks and makeup applications. So grab your brush set and keep reading! 

What’s Inside Your Brush Set

First things first, let’s talk about the set. The Professional Eye Brushes Set is a seven-piece brush kit that gives you the essential tools you need to create most eye looks. Our cruelty-free brushes are designed to be durable, but with professional use in mind. Whether you’re creating cut creases, smoky eyes, or a clean beauty look, these are the go-to brushes that will get you through most eye makeup applications. Your set comes with the following: 

  • Bent eyeliner brush: a pointed petite brush head set on an angled ferrule 
  • Smudge brush: a small flat curved-head brush
  • Angled liner: a precision angle head brush
  • Pencil brush: a small fluffy brush with a bullet-tipped head
  • Angled crease brush: a fluffy angled brush with medium thickness
  • Eyeshadow brush: a curved brush with medium thickness
  • Blending brush: an oval fluffy brush with medium thickness

Using your Professional Eye Brushes

While each of the seven brushes in your set is designed with core purposes in mind, that doesn’t mean that they can’t pull double duty. Although some uses will seem immediately obvious, we’ve outlined the top uses for each brush so that you can always refer back to this guide if you need it!

Bent Eyeliner Brush

The bent eyeliner brush is designed with beginners in mind, but can quickly become a go-to tool for anyone. If you’ve ever struggled to create eyeliner or lip liner looks with a regular angled head brush, this is going to make those frustrations a thing of the past. 

The angled ferrule allows you to hold the brush in a position that feels more natural to your hand. Meanwhile, the stiff precision tip brush head gives you better accuracy — especially if you’re trying to create more artistic designs where a thinner line is your friend. 

And remember, even though this is listed as an eyeliner brush, it can be used to create everything from floating graphic liners to precisely applying concealer under your brows or on your cupid’s bow without disturbing brow powder or lip color. 

Smudge Brush

If you’ve ever attempted a smokey eye, you know that smudging out your lower lash line is critical for nailing the look. But using cotton swabs, your fingers, or brushes with bristles that are too large can erase your hard work. Enter, the smudge brush. 

You’ll notice that this brush has a flatter thickness and short bristles with a rounded shape. That flat design makes it perfect for smudging out lower (or upper) lash lines. And the curved bristles help to soften harsh lines. Note that this brush has dual uses. You can use it after applying a pencil or gel liner to smudge it out. 

Or, you can use it to apply and smudge powder pigment. To use it for this purpose, first, apply the pigment where you want it, then follow up by gently brushing the bristles over the pigment to soften and blur. 

Angled Liner Brush

This is a brush that has so many great uses. Obviously, as a liner brush, it can be used to apply powder and gel liners to your eyes. But the precision angled head also means it can pull double duty for small clean-up jobs with concealer. For example, if you mess up your winged liner, this small brush head is perfect for applying concealer exactly where you need it. 

The sharp, thin angled line with firm bristles means you’ll get crisp, neat lines with every application. Just remember this isn’t a brush that’s intended for smudging given the sharp-angled head. 

Pencil Brush

The pencil brush is your go-to when you need to create shading. It features a small, domed brush head with a bullet tip that’s perfect for your lid’s crease. The small shape ensures that you’re not blending too wide across your eyelid. 

Meanwhile, the slightly fluffy design of this brush head ensures that you won’t have any harsh lines. This is a great brush for blending your crease, or for creating a wider smudged effect for lower lash lines. Note that this is primarily a blending brush and generally shouldn’t be used for applying pigment. 

Angled Crease Brush

For smokey eyes and gradient looks, this is a brush that you need in your arsenal. The angled crease brush features a soft angled fluffy brush head with a medium thickness. It’s ideal for placing pigment as well as blending for a seamless finish that looks like it was created by a pro. While it’s ideal for eyelids, it can also be great for blending contour on your nose when you need better precision or any place where larger brushes would have difficulty.

Eyeshadow Brush

Regardless of what eye look you’re attempting to create, the eyeshadow brush is the powerhouse of our Professional Eye Brushes Set. It features a medium-density soft brush head with a rounded edge. Depending on your style goals, you can use it to pack color for more vibrance by pressing pigment onto your lids or create a wash of color by swiping shadow across your skin. 

Meanwhile, it can also serve as a blending brush to banish harsh lines and create a flawless finish. Whether you’re creating all-over color from brow to lash line, or simply placing color precisely on the center of your lids, this is the brush you want to use. 

Blending Brush

The blending brush is your must-have brush to avoid harsh lines that can make any eye makeup look bad. It features an oval brush head with densely packed hairs that help to blur lines and create gentle gradients between colors. It’s compatible with powder and cream formulas — which means it can also pull double duty as a petite contour blending brush for your nose or any other areas on your face where precise placement matters. 

The Right Tools for the Job

Nailing an eye makeup look doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t need 20 brushes to make it happen. The Professional Eye Brushes Set is designed to be compact, travel-friendly, and most importantly — effective. These cruelty-free synthetic brushes are designed with durability and versatility in mind. Once you start using them, we’re confident that you won’t just limit their use to eyeshadow and liner!

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