The Only Brow Tutorial You’ll Ever Need

The Only Brow Tutorial You’ll Ever Need

If we’re being honest, brow makeup goes through trends just like other types of makeup applications. Think about the fact that right now soap and feather brows are the hot trending must-have. But just a few years ago, overdrawn Instagram brows were a must. And who can forget the super-thin brows of the late 90s and early 00s which were reminiscent of May West from the Roaring 20s?

With so many trends, it can be a lot to stay on top of them. So, we’re not here to tell you how to master a brow trend that will fade into the makeup archives. Instead, we’re here to share with you the best way to create a natural brow that’s timeless. And thanks to our Duo Eyebrow Brush, this multifaceted tool is everything you need to shape, define, and fill your brows.


Picking the Right Shape and Size for Your Brows

Regardless of which brow trend you’re trying (natural, Instagram, feathered, etc.), you should avoid trying to recreate your brow shape. Unless you have very sparse brows or suffer from alopecia, you should follow the base shape that’s already present.

Common Brow Shapes

While heavily arched brows tend to dominate Western beauty standards, they’re not the only option. This means that not everyone will have a strong arch. Keep in mind that the most common brow shapes include:
  • Straight
  • Upward
  • Arch (includes soft, medium, high, and round arch)
  • S shape
  • Round

    Choosing Brows Based on Face Shape

    In most cases, your brow shape should be compatible with your face shape. Oval faces are best with soft arches or straight brows. Meanwhile, rounded faces will do better with a more pronounced high arch as this will lengthen your face. 

    If your face is long, a straighter brow shape can help to make your face look smaller. Square faces benefit from a defined arch to create balance. Heart shapes can vary. If you have a long heart-shaped face, then a lower arch can create balance. And the opposite is true for shorter heart-shaped faces. And finally, diamond-shaped faces pair well with a softer arch.

    Determining the Right Length for Your Brows

    Finding the right length for your brows is easy, but will require the use of a mirror and a makeup brush or pencil (or any straight object) to help you determine where your brows should begin and end in comparison to your eyes and nose.: 

    • Holding your pencil or our Duo Brow Brush vertically, your inner brows should begin above the outermost part of your nose (your outer nostril). 
    • Move the Duo Brow Brush so that while still touching your nose it’s now laying across your pupil. This is where the arch should be.
    • Move the Duo Brow Brush so that while still touching your nose, the far end of the brush is touching the outer edge of your eye. This is where your brow tail should end.


          Prep Your Brows

          Creating the perfect brows doesn’t have to be complicated. And it doesn’t always require a wide array of products. Your total number of steps, and brow grooming time is going to depend on how full or sparse your brows are. Keep in mind that most people don’t have identical brows. It’s perfectly normal for one to be shaped slightly differently than the other. 

          Clean Those Brows

          If you’re not someone who gets their brows waxed, threaded, or plucked by a pro, your first step in creating the perfect brows is to clean up those errant hairs. Your goal is to create a defined shape so you have a basic blueprint of where to apply your brow product. Regardless of whether your brows are thick or thin, follow these rules for the best results. 

          • Don’t over pluck your brows. The goal is to remove stray hairs that are above or below the bulk of your brows. If you pluck too much, you might end up ruining the natural shape of your brows. 
          • Don’t touch the middle of your brows. We’re not talking about the space between your two brows — we’re talking about the actual middle portion of each brow. This is the core part of your brow that is usually the thickest. Aside from removing straggling hairs, don’t touch this part. 
          • Avoid plucking more than the first row of hairs on the lower portion of your brows. Just like with the middle of your brows, you want to avoid overplucking which can lead to sparseness. 

              Groom Your Brows

              Now that you’ve banished those straggling hairs, use the spoolie end of the Duo Brow Brush to smooth the remaining hairs in one direction. If you’re focused on creating natural or Instagram brows, you’ll brush outward from the inner point of your brows towards your ears. If you’re creating feather brows, you’ll brush up towards your front hairline.


              Pick the Right Color 

              The last thing you want is brows that are too dark to match your hair color. Aside from trends like monochromatic looks, wearing a brow color that’s too dark is going to look jarring. Try to match the brow color to your hair color. 

              Picking A Product

              The most common options for brow products include pomades, gels, waxes, pencils, and soaps. Depending on your brow thickness — as well as your skin type — some brow products might be better than others. 

              Pencils are great for beginners since you’ll get plenty of control. Powders and gels are great for filling in thinner brows, and also offer a bolder color payoff. Pomades provide plenty of structure while brow mascara is a popular choice for those with thick brows who want a quick grooming task.


              Filling in Your Brows

              Now that you’ve shaped and cleaned your brows, as well as picked the right product and shade, it’s time to fill and define your brows. People with thicker brows may not need to do as many steps. In some cases, you can get away with simply using brow gel to keep your brows orderly. But if you have sparse brows, you’ll need to do a bit more to get a great set of brows.

              Trace Your Brows (Optional)

              Depending on how thick your brows are, you may not need to do this. If you have fairly thick brows with a well-defined shape, you may find that tracing the upper and lower boundaries is unnecessary. But if you have sparse brows, you’re going to need to do this to ensure that you aren’t applying a brow product where you don’t need it. 

              Begin by dipping the angled brush end of the Duo Brow Brush into your preferred product. Gently begin by tracing a line on the lower part of your brows, following the natural line made by your brow hairs. Continue by drawing a line on the upper edge of your brows. 

              You don’t have to press hard and draw a hard line like you would with eyeliner. The goal is to create a guide when you move to the fill-in step. Avoid drawing a border on the inner corner as your goal is to create a natural brow rather than a harsh line.

              Fill Your Brows

              Now that you’ve outlined your brows (if you needed to) it’s time to fill in your brows. If you have thicker brows, just focus on areas that might appear sparse. Begin by dipping the angled end of the Duo Brow Brush into your product. Working in short, light motions, draw short lines following the natural direction of your hairs. This means that towards the inner corner you should draw upwards and as you work out towards your ears, change the direction outward, following the hairs. If your brows are thinner, you’ll need to use more product to fill in any missing areas.

              Blend for a Natural Look

              Now that you’ve finished filling in your brows, use the spoolie end of your Duo Brow Brush to blend the color so it looks more natural. If you’re concerned about errant hairs, at this point you can use a clear brow gel and smooth it over your brows to help set them in place.

              Highlight and Define (Optional)

              Now that your brows are finished, you can take an optional step to define and highlight them. To define your brows, clean the angled end of the Duo Brow Brush and dip it into your concealer. Using a small amount, follow the lower line of your brow to draw a thin line of concealer. Using a soft brush or a blending sponge, blend the concealer line down onto your lid to remove any harsh lines. 

              If you want to highlight your brow, use a fluffy brush like our Eyeshadow Blending Brush that’s part of the Professional Eye Brushes Set, and dip it into your favorite highlight powder. Swipe the brush under your brows, blending out for a subtle touch.


              Bask in the Glory of Your Beautiful Brows

              Beautiful brows don’t have to be difficult to achieve. In most cases, you can nail the perfect brow look in a few minutes. But it does require having the right products and tools, as well as making sure that your brows are properly shaped before you start. But with our Duo Brow Brush, you can easily achieve gorgeous brows every time.

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